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“Two Ladies” by Sherma Newberry AUD 80.00 each
“Seven Sisters” by Renata West AUD 300.00 each
“Seven Sister” by Phillipa Butter AUD 200.00 each
“Dreaming Tracks” by Elizabeth Holland AUD 250.00 each
“Landscape” by Cynthia Burke AUD 1,800.00 each
“Bush Tucker” by Lynette Smith AUD 100.00 each
“Four Ladies” by Lynette Smith AUD 90.00 each
“Dreaming Stories” by Lalla West AUD 420.00 each
“Rockholes” by Lynette Smith AUD 100.00 each
Landscape by Delrick Holland AUD 146.00 each
“Wild Flowers” by Alberta Robinson AUD 130.00 each
“Minyma Tjukurla” by Elsa (Fiona) Young AUD 743.00 each
“Minyma Tjukurla” by Nola Bennett AUD 275.00 each
“Tamala Tjukurrpa, Collaborative Family Canvas” by Kristabell Porter AUD 519.00 each
“Pukurlpatulatju Palyara Pirrtja” by Martha (Richards) Ward AUD 422.00 each
“Seven Sisters” by Christobell Protty AUD 430.00 each
“Kuruyultu” by Julieanne Farmer AUD 540.00 each
Family by Debra West AUD 146.00 each
“Minyma Tjukurla” by Morita Ward AUD 450.00 each
“Seven Sisters” by Phillipa Butler AUD 300.00 each
“Dreaming Tracks” by Renata West AUD 200.00 each
"Multju" by Nora Davidson AUD 1,584.00 each
"Minyma Tjukurpa" by Morita Ward AUD 963.00 each
"Seven Sisters" by Kathryn Queama AUD 963.00 each
"Pukurlpatulatju Palyara Pirrtja" by Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett AUD 1,018.00 each
"Lake Baker" by Neville Niypula McArthur AUD 968.00 each
"Kids swimming in Warakurna Creek" by Eunice Yunurupa Porter AUD 1,320.00 each
"Awele and Bush Melon" by Betty Mbitjana WS#353 AUD 500.00 each
Four Ladies by Debra West AUD 73.00 each
Seven Sisters Dreaming Place by Debra West AUD 73.00 each
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