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Blast the Bush

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Blast the Bush

By Len Beadell

Blast the Bush is the second of Len Beadell’s best selling series of books where the story of the frantic and harried efforts of the people who worked on the British Atomic Testing Project, code named “X 200”, is told.

With his characteristic humour and warm gentle wit he recounts the year-long sequence of events from his first lonely exploration of outback South Australia to the historic detonation at Emu claypan in 1953.

From his unique perspective of these extraordinary times, as surveyor and road maker he builds an adventurous tale bubbling with enthusiasm and endurance. ‘The Whip’, ‘Mountain’ and ‘Hekyll and Jekyll’ are some of the robust characters that contribute to this true story of Australia’s post World War 2 history.

Edition:        2nd ed.

Published:   New Holland Publishers. April 1998

Subjects:     Australian History

Language:   English

ISBN:            9781864367362