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“Kungkarangkalpa” by Nyumitja Laidlaw

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Artist:                    Nyumitja Laidlaw

Title:                      “Kungkarangkalpa”

Language:             Ngaanyatjarra / Warakurna

Medium:                Acrylic on cotton canvas

Size:                      109x96 cm

Date:                      August 2018

Kungkarangkalpa is the story of the Seven Sister Creation Beings who are pursued by the man Yurla over a huge area of the Central and Western Deserts. This is a Tjukurrpa common to several language groups in Australia and worldwide there are stories associated with the star constellations which relate to the Seven Sisters. In Central and Western Deserts, the sisters eventually change form and can be seen of a night time as the Pleiades star constellation.



Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)