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“Kungkarrangkalpa” by Lalla West

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Artist:                   Lalla West
Title:                     “Kungkarrangkalpa”
Language:            Ngaanyatjarra
Medium:               Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size:                     98x89 cm
Date:                    August 2018

This painting tells the story of the Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven Sisters) and the old magician (Yula) who was searching for them for the purpose of marriage congress. The women, who had been collecting bush food could see a snake and followed it hoping to catch and eat it, but each time they came close it would rise up and fly on. At length, the women saw the Kuniya go down into a hole over a Kaltuka Pirtji (ant nest mound). The Sisters dug up the Kenya but before they could kill it and eat it, it flew up into the air again and flew to Wirlpintjitji. Just as the old magician Nyirru drove in from the sandhill country, creating the small gorge at Kulyurru as he did so, the Sisters all rose into the air and flew after the Kuniya, and so escaped.



Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)