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“Seven Sisters Travelling Map” by Jennifer Mitchell

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Artist:                        Jennifer Mitchell
Title:                          “Seven Sisters Travelling Map”
Language:                 Ngaanyatjarra / Wingelina
Medium:                    Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size:                          101x61 cm
Date:                          May 2018

Starting from the large circle on the top side. Wialla in South Australia, nr Port Augusta from there to Lake 7 Days Lake, still in SA. From there across the border to Juntjekarra the next camp is Pujaytjo (this place is named after a pod with seeds that are eaten), then on to Kulal.
From there on to Mr Walkers place Tjukarrtjala and then on to Kuru Ala. From the large rock with the snake under the cave, they flew to Kulrrura. After they travelled to Kungka Nganpi where they flew away again. Eventually, they finish in Docker River, often they go up to the sky, trying to hide from that man



Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)