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"Kurlkurta" by Mary Gibson

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Artist:            Mary Gibson    

Title:              “Seven Sisters”

Language:    Ngaanyatjarra

Medium:        Acrylic on cotton canvas

Size:              101.5x40.6 cm

This painting represents the land east of Tjukurla called 'Kurlkurta'. It is a Tjukurpa story about a woman who was digging in the rockholes there. While digging she fell into the rockhole, went through the ground and came out through another rockhole. When she came out the other side she saw two big water snakes, 'Wanabi', big snakes from the Dreamtime. The woman squeezed her breastmilk into the rockhole to appease the giant snake and so she escaped.

Mary was born bush way at Kuluwarri, west of Kulkurda. As a child, she lived in the bush with her family and they walked to Papunya and lived there for many years. Now, she spends her time between Tjukurla and Docker River Communities.


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)