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"Pukurlpatulatju Palyara Pirrtja" by Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett

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Artist:            Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett

Title:              “Pukurlpatulatju Palyara Pirrtja”

Language:    Ngaanyatjarra

Medium:        Acrylic on cotton canvas

Size:              101.6x76.2 cm

Dorcas Bennett is the daughter of Nyurupayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett) a senior artist for Papunya Tula Artists. Dorcas was born at Wurturu rockhole near Kaltukatjarra (Docker River). After her birth, her mother and father walked with her to Warburton Mission where she was given her English name by the missionary Will Wade. Her parents returned, walking with Dorcas to the Warakurna - Tjukurla area. Soon after her family came into contact with Bob McAuley and travelled with him in the renowned yellow Native Patrol Officer’s truck to the Amata settlement. From here Dorcas’ family walked to Areyonga where Dorcas began to attend school. After some time her family walked back to Amata and then returned to the mission in Warburton where they were reunited with many family members. Dorcas completed her schooling at the Docker River settlement. The Bennett family along with the Porter, Yates, Reid, Shepherd, Golding, Cooke, Mitchell, Butler, Burke, Newberry, Giles, Richards, Bates, Robinson, Prior and Ward families returned to the Warakurna homeland when it was established in the mid-1970s. Dorcas was married and continues to live in Warakurna with her extended family. Dorcas paints various Tjukurrpa associated with the places she grew up in, such as Karlaya Tjukurrpa (emu dreaming), Seven Sisters and other important Tjukurrpa connected with Docker River and the Northern Territory. Dorcas also occasionally pays homage to her mother's country and paintings. Dorcas currently serves as an executive member of Warakurna Artists Board of Directors. She has been painting with Warakurna Artists since 2006.



Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)