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"Lake Baker" by Neville Niypula McArthur

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Artist:            Neville Niypula McArthur

Title:              Lake Baker

Language:    Ngaanyatjarra

Medium:        Acrylic on cotton canvas

Size:              76.2x50.8 cm

Neville could not tell many details about this painting. However, some of his previous artworks tell the dreaming story of lake baker: The Wanampi (Watersnake) was near Lake Baker catching mice and eating them, surrounded by great clouds, rain and lightning. The Wati Kutjarra (Two Mythic Men) saw the snake, killed it with their boomerangs, cooked it and ate it. However, the flesh and fat from the Wanampi made the Wati Kutjarra feel very sick and they vomited for three days which created the lake. The fat of the Wanampi that the Two Men vomited up is seen as white rocks in the landscape by the Lake (white ovals in the painting)

Neville McArthur was born at Tutana, a rockhole in the Spinifex Country of Warburton. He has lived most of his life in Patjarr and Warburton but now resides in Wanarn in the Home Care. Neville has had a long career as an artist working with the Spinifex Arts Project, Warburton Art Project, Kayili Artists and since moving to Wanarn in 2010, working with Warakurna Artists. He is also recognised for his skilful carving if traditional men’s weapons.


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)