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"Mountain Devil Lizard" by Gloria Petyarre

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Artist:             Gloria Petyarre
Title:               Mountain Devil Lizard
Language:      Anmatyerre / Utopia NT
Medium:         Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size:               101x44.5 cm

The Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming is one of the most significant Dreamtime Stories for the famous Petyarre sisters of Utopia. Gloria demonstrates her connection between her past and the present and reminds us that the Mountain Devil Lizard is still roaming the country and defining the landscape. The dreaming tells of the Old Woman Mountain Devil Lizard who travelled the vast regions of the Atnangker country defining the landscape and identifying the sacred sites.

Gloria Tamerre Petyarre was born in approximately 1945 and is from Atnangkere soakage in the Utopia region in Central Australia. She is part of the Anmatyerre language group. Gloria is a very well know artist and a significant figure in contemporary Indigenous Australian art.
Gloria is the custodian of several Dreaming stories including the Pencil Yam, Bean, Emu, and Mountain Devil Lizard. Her paintings are monochromatic or multicoloured and very distinguishable for their well-defined segments filled with curved lines. It evokes a strong rhythmic quality to her works.


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)