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"Country" by Freda Price

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Artist:           Freda Price
Title:            Country
Language:   Anmatyerre / Utopia NT
Medium:      Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size:             91.5x45 cm

Freda’s artwork depicts from a topographical view in fine detail associated with her family homelands of Utopia in Central Australia. The illustration is important visually and spiritually of Country – sand hills, riverbeds, and significant landmarks for ceremonies. The leaves, flowers, bark or seeds of certain plants are harvested in season or as needed. This is often done in groups so that knowledge is passed down from older to younger women. Ceremonial sites are where the women gather for girls’ initiation and other cultural Law matters. The women sit around the waterholes, often depicted in the artwork, with the waterholes being full in the dry desert land. Due to this, there was plenty of bush tucker around for the women to eat during the sometimes very long period of time they camped out for Women’s Business.


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)