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Boomerang by Lalla West

AUD 37.00 each

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Artist:          Lalla West
Artwork:      Boomerang
Material:      Mulga Wood
Size:             67 cm across

Australian Aboriginal men and women from Ngaanyatjarra lands make their carvings from dry wood, tree roots, mulga wood or river gum. Some sculptures can be plain, while others have patterns and symbols. The sculptures are made sitting near the campfire while dreaming stories are told. They put a piece of fencing wire into the fire and then when it is hot enough, they burn the designs onto the wood.

Boomerangs are individually handcrafted & painted with aboriginal art, the artwork varies on each pair. No two Boomerangs are the same.

Each artefact includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)