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Us Mob Walawurru

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Us Mob Walawurru

by David Spillman, Lisa Wilyuka

Us Mob Walawurru takes place in the 1960s in an Aboriginal community in Central Australia. Told through the eyes of Ruby, a Liritja girl, the story revolves around the new silver bullet school and the cultural challenges faced by both the community members and the well-meaning schoolteacher. Ruby tells of her own awakening and she experiences some of the momentous events of the time, including the 1967 Aboriginal citizenship referendum and the buy-back of pastoral leases. With perception and humor, this ground-breaking novel deals with issues of culture, ownership, and reconciliation that are just as pertinent today, while providing insight into the cultural challenges faced by Aboriginal communities and their non-Aboriginal people.

Title                   Us Mob Walawurru
Authors             David Spillman, Lisa Wilyuka
Publisher          Magabala Books, 2006
ISBN                 1875641874, 9781875641871