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Seven Sisters by Debra Frazer

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Artist:         Debra Frazer
Title:           Seven Sisters
Language:  Ngaanyatjarra
Medium:     Acrylic on cotton canvas
Size:            55x39.8 cm
Date:           December 2020

This artwork depicts sacred and very important Rockholes for Aboriginal women of Ngaanyatjarra lands, and the way that they are connected to each other through tracks made by the Seven Sisters and people that still travel across them


Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)


About the artist
Debra Frazer was born in Warburton Ranges in 1977 and still lives in Warburton with her family.
She is an Important member of the community. She is part of the Ngaanyatjarra Council and works for the school as an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer.