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“Seven Sisters” by Betty West

AUD 250.00 each

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Artist:                    Betty West 

Language:            Ngaanyatjarra

Medium:               Acrylic on cotton canvas

Size:                      96.5x70.5 cm

Title:                      “Seven Sisters”

Date:                      March 2018

This painting shows different families sitting around the fire telling the dreaming story of the Seven Sisters to the young ones: The women, who had been collecting bush food could see the old magician looking for their tracks. The Sisters hid themselves crawling over the country where they can now be seen as stones with the magician Yula as a prominent currajong tree. Eventually, the Kungkarrangkalpa (Seven sisters) ascended into the sky and all became stars. That is why in the night sky, we can see the seven sisters (the Pleiades) followed by Yula (Orion).



Each painting includes a certificate of authenticity which comprises the artist's photo (with his/her permission)