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At its formation, the Shire assumed responsibility for services previously provided by the Shire of Wiluna. Since then the Shire has been steadily improving and extending the range of services provided to the communities. In implementing these services the Council has needed to allow for the culture and sensitivities of the local communities. 

Council Services 1Initially in most instances this was achieved by making contributions to fund existing facilities and services such as ovals, street lights, welfare, TV and radio retransmission, swimming pools and culture. However increasingly the Shire is now taking the more conventional avenue and providing the service directly. This includes Health, Building, Rubbish Collection, Road Construction, Sealing and Maintenance, Sports & Recreation, Project management and other community-based programs.





Current Services

  • Management Services - Tjulyuru Cultural & Civic Centre.
  • Rubbish collection - Warburton (other locations ceased due to lack of funding).
  • Project Management.
  • Refuse site advice.
  • Verge Maintenance Programme/Road Sweeping - Warburton, Warakurna, Blackstone and Jameson.
  • School holiday youth recreation programme, Warburton.
  • Maintenance of Football/Recreation Oval - Warburton.                                                                   
  • Road construction and maintenance.
  • Health services - Environmental Health Officer services all aboriginal communities within the Shire.
  • Building services - Building Surveyor issues building licences and inspects all new building and structures within the Shire.
  • Youth/Drop in Centre at Warburton.
  • Provide rebroadcasting of digital TV/Radio programmes Warburton & Blackstone.
  • Sport & Recreation programme.
  • Local Emergency Management Arrangements



Responsible for recreational programs/activities at the oval or Community Hall, movies, school sports carnival and community run swimming pools in Warburton.


Road Construction and Maintenance

The Shire is responsible for the maintenance of all roads currently on the Shire's Road Inventory. The Shire currently tenders the work to contractors.

Major Roads maintained by the Shire:

  • Great Central Road (Outback Way)    438kms
  • Giles Mulga Park Road                      136kms
  • Blackstone Access Road                    244kms
  • Tjukurla Access Road                         94kms
  • Tjirrkarli Access Road                         97kms
  • Wanarn Access Road                          19kms
  • Patjarr Access Road                          193kms (no longer maintained as funding ceased)
  • Jameson Access Road                         52kms
  • Warakurna Access Road                        5kms
  • Wingellina Access Road                         7kms
  • Kanpa Access Road                             25kms


Waste Collection
Council has taken over responsibility for waste collection services at Warburton (other locations ceased due to funding constraints). A Works team employed from within the community carry out the Waste Collection program. The capital cost of duplicating plant and depots has prevented the extension of the service to other communities at this stage.




  Local Emergency Management Arrangements

The aim of the Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku, Local Emergency Management Arrangements is to provide a working document to address any perceived Emergency arising within the Shire.
The purpose of these emergency management arrangements is to set out:
  • the local government’s policies for emergency management;
  • the roles and responsibilities of public authorities and other persons involved in emergency management in the local government district;
  • provisions about the coordination of emergency operations and activities relating to emergency management;
  • a description of emergencies that are likely to occur in the local government district;
  • strategies and priorities for emergency management in the local government district;
  • other matters about emergency management in the local government district prescribed by the regulations; and
  • other matters about emergency management in the local government district the local government considers appropriate. (s.41(2) of the Act).